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Features Include

  • Diagnostic: is a quick 20-30 question assessment that determines a student’s baseline level of understanding for each chapter
  • Student Dashboard: Identifies topics of strength and weakest and directs students to relevant resources improving engagement with course material
  • Adaptive Practice: Serves up level-appropriate questions challenging students understanding without discouraging them with inappropriately difficult questions
  • Proficiency Score: Helps instructors compare students in an adaptive environment and predicts how well a student is likely to score on a medium level question
  • Reports: Give instructors insight into learning trends such as class, student, chapter, and proficiency, time spent, productivity, and most challenging topics

Organize Learning

  • Course Content: Uniquely created with author and learning design expertise in mind to help students build foundational knowledge
  • Online eTextbook: Integrates learning content, tutorials, and examples
  • Video Tutorials: Teach students key concepts or demonstrate problem-solving skills and real-world applications
  • Reading Assignments: Provide flexibility to curate course content for flipped and online learning and track student progress through the eTextbook and multimedia resources

Spot Learning Trends and Track Progress

  • Gradebook: Viewable by assignment, study objective, and learning outcomes (select courses) and tracks rates of assignment completion, scores, and is viewable by class, assignment, or individual student
  • ORION Reports: Provide insight into learning trends such as class, student, chapter, proficiency, time spent, productivity, and most challenging topics
  • Learning Outcomes (select courses): Reporting that provides documentation on outcomes and standards, including Blooms taxonomy, AACSB, AIPCA, and IMA

Creating My Assignments

Are you a WileyPLUS user moving to a new edition course? We’ll recreate your assignments in the new edition, correlating all assignment them from the old to the new course as needed. If you’re new to using WileyPLUS and need help with assignment creation, we will work closely with you and a subject matter expert to design and build out your assignments based on your course objectives, from selecting test questions and study resources to designing a semester-long learning path.

Rearranging My Course

We want to make sure that the content in WileyPLUS reflects your unique teaching style and learning objectives.

We can help you:

  • Rearrange chapters or learning objectives
  • Create abridged courses including only those chapters or learning objectives you require
  • Combine course materials from two or more Wiley sources
  • Embed your course materials such as PDFs and excel spreadsheets.

Flip My Course with Videos

Whether you’re an expert at creating videos or just getting started, we offer training and consultation sessions on creating educational videos, can make your videos ADA compliant, embed them into your Wiley course, and provide a streamlined way for students to access the video content in the context of the overall online course. Videos can be embedded directly within the course’s eTextbook or posted as assignable activities with relevant question content.

We can help you:

  • Add your own videos to a Wiley course
  • Curate a custom video library for your course drawing from thousands of Wiley-owned videos
  • Create assignable homework activities featuring your videos

Adding My Assessments

We have a broad range of assessment creation services that make your course assessments more meaningful to your students.

We can help you:

  • Provide more practice opportunities for students by making my questions algorithmic and assignable
  • Convert your print practice sets to an interactive and automatically graded digital format
  • Convert your print practice sets to an interactive and automatically graded digital format
  • Develop a placement test and remediation modules for a course or program




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